EMISA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of steel structures, to the construction of industrial warehouses and real state development. Since 1990, our company has been building high quality steel structures. Therefore, EMISA offers to our clients the following services:

Design, manufacture and steel structures assembly.
Building construction of warehouses.
Real estate development.

We have a highly trained staff who work in the fabrication area of steel structure. EMISA uses the latest equipment in order for
the clients to receive more than 100 tons per month of the following products:

Welded beams (3 and 4 plates).
Joist beams (standard and slabs).
Steel frames.
Any kind of metallic structures.
Hermetically sealed sheet metal with or without thermal insulation.
Corrugated metal roofing, KR18 system, and any
kind of sheet metal projects.
Regarding the integral construction of industrial warehouses and real state development, EMISA counts on a very specialized department of engineering and construction, offering the following services:

Work on architectural plans, engineering and calculation.
Dirt road construction, civil works, and all kinds of
custom finishes and installation.
Mezzanines and steel platforms.
Construction of commercial areas and residential buildings.

Our main commitment is to offer quality and guarantee to the client's investment, to optimize the work completion time, and to offer
the best market prices, all while achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a question or need pricing information, please contact us at